Wisdom Hacks to Transform Your Work and Life
Kaushal Aras
Kaushal "Kal" Aras is a technology professional, executive advisor and a social entrepreneur with a well-earned reputation for strong work ethic, approachability and consistent commitment to team building, leadership and innovation. He consults with Fortune 100 companies in the areas of Product Management and Solutions Delivery. Kal provides executive coaching to entrepreneurs and professionals to transform their leadership skills to be effective in life and work. He is the founder of ‘Global Contribution Initiative’ (GCI) focused on global causes that impacts humanity. His three favorite sports teams are the Cleveland Cavaliers, Seattle Seahawks, & Real Madrid.

The Purpose – The Why – The End in Mind

Blog Objective: Sharing of practical wisdom and best practices gained through personal experiences and working with World Class executives and entrepreneurs to be effective in your life and work.

As the saying goes "Brevity is the soul of wit"- the effort here is to make these posts short, precise, and articulate. Think 'Wisdom in a Capsule' format.

For a detailed outlook on these topics - please checkout the podcast and video logs page.

To book Kal Aras for speaking at your conference or in-house event, please email at ka.careers(at)gmail.com

People report the Top 5 Benefits from his consulting and speaking engagements:

1. Renewed focus on core business and priorities
2. Reduce cost and operating expenses with efficient systems
3. Chart a leadership path at work
4. Improve productivity with business process improvements
5. Get inspired, stir up new ideas and innovate to get the edge in the marketplace

Start with reading and applying Wisdom Tip 103 - Crafting a Vision, Clarifying Values, Creating Metrics