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Kaushal Aras, with a harmonious blend of extraordinary love and
peace, offers us a roadmap to fully express ourselves in the world.
I love the quotes, the stories, and the message in this book. Thanks for helping us all be, do and have what is most important – love.

~ Missie Berteotti, 1993 LPGA PING Welch Champion





Visually stunning and incredibly inspiring; The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love turns on our inner light. Overflowing with heart-opening spirituality, Kaushal shows us precisely how to have more peace, satisfaction, and joy in life. This beautifully written book will not only change your life, but it will change the world we live in.
~ Annette Colby, PhD,
Author of Your Highest Potential and Depression Freedom



What the world needs is not only love, but a better understanding of love.  Kaushal Aras guides you in that understanding with a generosity of heart that opens you up to experiencing more love and peace, so that you naturally and harmoniously express these in the world.  What a gift. I heart-ed-ly encourage you to read this marvelous book. 
~ Dr. Lisa Love (Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power & the Law of Attraction)


As a fan of The Beatles, the message of love ran through the songs of their entire career. Paul McCartney’s message of love is embodied in the song "All you need is love" and Kaushal is carrying on the message of Love for world peace through his book ‘The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love’ – a must read.
~ Dave Schwensen, Author of The Beatles in Cleveland




This book is extraordinary in its beauty and poetic message. We can only hope that it really does fulfill its mission of Extraordinary Love and Peace on this planet. It starts here with each of us. Read this book and pass it on!

~ Barbara Niven, Actress, Motivational Speaker, Presentation Coach




Kaushal's message inspires and signifies the importance of living with unconditional love, joy and inner peace. His work captures the depth, beauty and wisdom of the ages which reminds the reader to live from his or her heart. He is a powerful leader, speaker and true gift to our planet.
~ Mardi Boone, Founder of the Abundance Network




I highly recommend The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love by Kaushal Aras. It will lift your heart and give hope and help for all on the pathway of love to World Peace.  Kaushal Aras shares a treasure of ideas to bring a loving, lasting peace to our hearts as we find our way home to wholeness.
~ Ping Li - A profound soul healer and Bestselling Author of
Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose On Earth


The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love ~ A blueprint for World Peace, made my heart sing with joy because of its simplistic, yet beautiful messages of love, light and hope for a brighter world. 
~ Pamela Jo McQuade, Spirit Coach and Speaker




In The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love, Kaushal reminds us to tune our instruments and play the sound of music - that love is the only way to world peace. His beautiful book unfolds like a harmonious, joyful song. If you want to return home to love and peace, read this book.  
~ Leonard Szymczak, MSW, LCSW, psychotherapist and author of
The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace.




This is a beautiful book!  Beautifully written as well as presented, it is a pleasure to experience!  Thank you Kaushal for furthering such important research into the nature of Love and showing us that from all perspectives, cultures and religions around the world...the one thing we share (and are!) is...Love

~ Phoebe Dickens, Professional Development Consultant




Wow!  If you want to reawaken yourself to your essence read The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love! You will be reminded of who you really are at your core.  If you want to reignite your passions and inspire yourself into action give yourself this gift and share it with others.  Extraordinary Love will guide you on your personal journey to a world full of abiding love and peace fulfilled. 

~ Linda Cardella, Personal Development Coach



This book will make you feel like you just had a warm cup of tea by the fire - the insights, parables; quotes and stories are all filled with wisdom and love. Kaushal has done a tremendous job of providing insights into all facets of love relationships. Do yourself a favor, get a copy of this book, and enjoy all it has to offer. Great stuff!

~ Kim Roman Corle, Coach, Speaker and Author



“I can think of no more noble task than to write a blueprint for peace! This book is beautifully rendered with a compelling message for creating love and peace. Kaushal Aras clearly put a lot of effort into producing this beautiful work. Highly recommended!”
-Stephanie Chandler, author of several books including
“LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business”



The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love ~A Blueprint for World Peace is a gift to the world. Kaushal shares his ability to express the importance of coming from love and acting with love with us to impact the dramatic need for peace and love in the world. With this book, we are able to shift the focus on love one person at a time. Thank you for your dedication and commitment.
~ Margaret Bhola, Seminar Leader






"Your speech this evening was incredibly inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes. I was so touched by your story and so motivated to make those simple-yet-profound changes in my life that I just had to write you this note. Thank you!"

~ Ellen Darby, Health Coach

"Wow - great speech! You inspired me to examine my life and make necessary changes to lead a more productive life!"

~ Sandra Roach, Cleveland

"When Kaushal Aras speaks, people listen, they're mesmerized, they're inspired, they're called to take action. since kaushal's message helps people realize their life dreams and goals, those who attend his seminars actually take notes! This gentle and energetic man is a truly gifted, inspirational speaker who can positively change the course of people's lives."

~ Christina Mayer Duggan, Author

"OUTSTANDING SPEECH! I thought the story was very heart-warming. Excellent excellent Job!!"

~ Jill, San Diego

"Kaushal is a very moving speaker, because he uses the details of everyday life to drive his big picture points in a way that can motivate everyone. His persuasive skills are amazing, because he's a great listener. And he's believable, because he lives his principles. I'm always inspired and motivated after hearing Kaushal speak, and I've acted on a number of his recommendations to great success."

~ Craig Paulette, Sr., Consultant, Levin Consulting

"Kaushal, your speech about relationships really had an impact on the audience. Great speech."

~ Olina, San Diego

"Perfecto, Kaushal. Excellent, excellent. Great story and great message."

~ Peter G, San Diego

"Fantastic. Motivational and inspirational speech!"

~ Scott S.

"Very engaging, great enthusiasm and passion."

~ Marta

"Professional, inspiring and passionate."

~ Jen F.J.

"I loved your personal narrative. It immediately connected with the audience. Your possibility shone through and was contagious. Wonderfully Done."

~ Bill

"Well organized speech and great message."

~ Henry

"Dramatic and moving speech."

~ Olev

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