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I work with business leaders, executives and professionals to inspire them to to their highest level of impact and personal legend. Through keynote speeches, wisdom retreats, and executive consulting I share my expertise as we explore the relationship between happiness, success and leadership in business and life.

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Kal Aras
ph: +1 858-683-3659

Highest Overall Speaker Rating

“When Kal Aras speaks, people listen, they’re mesmerized, they’re inspired, they’re called to take action. since Kal’s message helps people realize their life dreams and goals, those who attend his seminars actually take notes! This gentle and energetic man is a truly gifted, inspirational speaker who can positively change the course of people’s lives.” ~ Christina Duggan, Author

"Your speech this evening was incredibly inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes. I was so touched by your story and so motivated to make those simple-yet-profound changes in my life that I just had to write you this note. Thank you!” ~ Ellen Darby, Health Coach

“Wow – great speech! You inspired me to examine my life and make necessary changes to lead a more productive life!” ~ Sandra Roach, Millennial Mentor

Kal Aras is a seeker of truth and good works. There's no other description so befitting of this brilliant engineering mind that also works the realm of spiritual enlightenment, embracing right and left brain brilliance and teaching through giving.  ~ Pamela Stambaugh, President, Accountability Pays

Kal's questions really made me take a step back and reflect on my career in totality - something that's hard to do when you're focused on the day to day battles. ~ Larry DeAngelis, Sr. Vice President, Donor Advertising

“I loved your personal narrative. It immediately connected with the audience. Your possibility shone through and was contagious. Wonderfully Done.” ~ Bill, San Diego

“Professional, inspiring and passionate.” ~ Jill F, LaJolla

“Fantastic. Motivational and inspirational speech!” ~ Scott Sabul, San Diego


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