Frequently requested Keynote Speeches & Programs

For Executives, Entrepreneurs and High Achievers

  • Through Indian Eyes: The Science of Happiness and Art of Fulfillment

  • Engineering Happiness: How to boost productivity, employee engagement and workforce stability for bottom line results

  • The Science of Happiness and its Impact on Bottom Line Results

Kaushal “Kal” Aras is an international speaker, author and a senior business adviser to Fortune 100 companies. Possessing a remarkable living synthesis of ancient wisdom and western practicality, he combines the wisdom of the sage and wonderment of modern science to inspire audiences and leaders worldwide to their highest level of impact and personal fulfillment.

In this transformational, idea-rich and immensely practical presentation backed with scientific data (available as a 45 or 90 minute keynote or a 3 hour workshop), your associates will learn:

  • Transformational shift in the paradigm of Happiness

  • The three key mindsets for achieving harmony and experiencing flow

  • The daily rituals of the happiest people on the planet

  • How elite performers think, produce and deliver value

  • The surprising link between body language and body chemistry and how to create happiness on demand

  • How to have a positive influence on your loved ones in one day than most people have in their lifetime

  • How to live life and prosper on your own terms by mastering the science of success and the art of fulfillment

Audience Reactions

“When Kal Aras speaks, people listen, they’re mesmerized, they’re inspired, they’re called to take action. since Kaushal’s message helps people realize their life dreams and goals, those who attend his seminars actually take notes! This gentle and energetic man is a truly gifted, inspirational speaker who can positively change the course of people’s lives.” ~ Christina Duggan, Author

"Your speech this evening was incredibly inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes. I was so touched by your story and so motivated to make those simple-yet-profound changes in my life that I just had to write you this note. Thank you!” ~ Ellen Darby, Health Coach

“Wow – great speech! You inspired me to examine my life and make necessary changes to lead a more productive life!” ~ Sandra Roach, Millennial Mentor

“I loved your personal narrative. It immediately connected with the audience. Your possibility shone through and was contagious. Wonderfully Done.” ~ Bill, San Diego


1. Entertainment - Education - Elevation- By leveraging the E-Cube of impactful and transformational communication - (Entertainment, Education, and Elevation) he ensures your audience takesaway a transferable message - that creates word of mouth momentum for its success long after the keynote is over.

2. Transparent and Authentic- By being genuine, grounded and vulnerable, he connects with his audience using part storytelling, part distinctions and part humor.

3. Customized- Kal researches and takes the time to understand your industry, your organization, and strategic objectives, to deliver a customized content which is on-point and relevant to your audience.

4. Fresh Perspective- As a Senior business advisor to Fortune 100 companies, author, and happiness researcher; he combines the wisdom of the sage and wonderment of modern science to bring an uniquely compelling perspective to inspire audiences and leaders worldwide to their highest level of impact and personal fulfillment.

5. Distinguished Toastmaster- Kal consistently receives highest overall speaker rating. And in 2017 he was awarded the distinguished Toastmasters award for Outstanding Communication and Leadership from Toasmasters International