“When Kal Aras speaks, people listen, they’re mesmerized, they’re inspired, they’re called to take action. since Kaushal’s message helps people realize their life dreams and goals, those who attend his seminars actually take notes! This gentle and energetic man is a truly gifted, inspirational speaker who can positively change the course of people’s lives.” ~ Christina Duggan, Author

"Your speech this evening was incredibly inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes. I was so touched by your story and so motivated to make those simple-yet-profound changes in my life that I just had to write you this note. Thank you!” ~ Ellen Darby, Health Coach

“Wow – great speech! You inspired me to examine my life and make necessary changes to lead a more productive life!” ~ Sandra Roach, Millennial Mentor

“I loved your personal narrative. It immediately connected with the audience. Your possibility shone through and was contagious. Wonderfully Done.” ~ Bill, San Diego

“Professional, inspiring and passionate.” ~ Jill F, LaJolla

“Very engaging, great enthusiasm and passion.” ~ Marta, San Diego

“Kal is a very moving speaker, because he uses the details of everyday life to drive his big picture points in a way that can motivate everyone. His persuasive skills are amazing, because he’s a great listener. And he’s believable, because he lives his principles. I’m always inspired and motivated after hearing Kal speak, and I’ve acted on a number of his recommendations to great success.” 

~ Craig Paulette, Sr., Consultant, Levin Consulting

“Fantastic. Motivational and inspirational speech!” ~ Scott Sabul, San Diego



"Wow! If you want to reawaken yourself to your essence read The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love! You will be reminded of who you really are at your core. If you want to reignite your passions and inspire yourself into action give yourself this gift and share it with others. Extraordinary Love will guide you on your personal journey to a world full of abiding love and peace fulfilled"

~ Linda Cardella, Performance Coach

As a fan of The Beatles, the message of love ran through the songs of their entire career. Paul McCartney’s message of love is embodied in the song “All you need is love” and Kal is carrying on the message of Love for world peace through his book ‘The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love’ – a must read.

~ Dave Schwensen, Author of 'The Beatles in Cleveland'

“All living matter is composed of vibration. The fundamental energy in this vibration is love. Kal has captured the essence of this knowledge in his beautiful book TheSeven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love. He lays out a meaningful blueprint and shows us how simple it is to live in the integrity of mind/body/spirit which is the foundation for true world peace.”

~ Arthur Samuel Joseph, Founder and Chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute

The Seven Symphonies is a beautiful testament to all the facets and wonders of worldly and spiritual love.

~ Arielle Ford, The Soulmate Secret

"The Secret – behind the 300 million who have viewed the Secret is the privilege I’ve had to coach most of the Stars of the Secret. What I discovered is that they and everyone else is looking not for wealth power influence and money. The Secret is that everyone is seeking and searching for LOVE. Not everyday garden variety love but EXTRAORDINARY love and finally there is a PRIORITY read for every Chicken Soup reader, every Men are from Mars reader, just every single one of us who must locate our own EXTRAORDINARY LOVE"

~Bj Dohrmann Chairman, CEO SPACE


Kal produces a wonderful podcast, for both his guests and listeners. He asks interesting, probing questions -- and even more importantly -- listens deeply to the answers and leads the conversation accordingly.

~ Tamsen Webster, Keynote Speaker, Message Strategist, Idea Whisperer

I had an amazing time working with Kal on Wisdom of Friends. He made me feel comfortable sharing my love for goal setting, work-life balance and Millennials. His passion for disseminating knowledge, building relationships and engaging leaders in various communities is what makes him such a pleasure to work with. I welcome future collaborations, Kaushal!

~ Sandra Roach, Millenial Coach

I've known Kal for quite a few years from our younger days at Toastmasters. I remember him as an innovator, witty and provocative thinker and presenter and one who is always committed to helping others and make an impact! 

I was honored to be invited and appear on his "Wisdom of Friends Show." Over the years, I have conducted many interviews and were invited to be interviewed by many great ones. But when appearing on Kal's show, I was especially blown away by his powerful questions, professionalism, and style. I felt like talking to the Larry King of the business world! 

I encourage you to subscribe and listen to Kal's show. You will be amazed by the caliber guests, the amazing insights, and the inspirational messages, to help YOU become a better version of who you are!

And, if you get the honor of being invited to participate on the show, jump on it, you will thank me later!

Kal, thank you for your creativity, your quest to finding deeper meanings, and for helping me and others make an impact on this world! 

Chad Barr
President of The Chad Barr Group


Kal is very skilled at identifying process gaps and always has an eye on how each step of a process will impact an entire program. His ability to rapidly adjust to new requirements and his keen attention to detail was invaluable when implementing a 2-bin hardware scanning system at Arnprior Aerospace's sites in both Canada and Mexico.

~ Andrew Dunbar, Product Manager

Kaushal and I worked together on several key projects at PETCO, where he helped to support Supply Chain and Logistics. The greatest example of his expertise was in our TMS selection and implementation project. His leadership and systemic expertise and ability to cross-functionally work and gain support and buy in were critical to that project being ahead of schedule. This helped us achieve more than our expected financial results in optimization and service improvements. I found Kaushal to be a professional, informed and very supportive partner in our workings and I would recommend him for any role in any organization.

~Jeff Brady, Director of Transportation

I worked with Kaushal at Petco on the implementation of Manhattan and associates slotting software. He was the technical manager whom I had the pleasure to work with on documenting the operational and the technical requirements for the application. I found him to be thorough and his team delivery was timely and according to the specifications. He was supportive and provided the resources as needed to complete the project per the timeline.

~Issa Saadidin, Integration Manager

Kaushal has participated and lead large, complex projects for our organization with extremely difficult timelines. He has been successful leading project teams in both a corporate and manufacturing settings.

~Genaro Bugarin, Director of Operations

“We were honored and privileged to be part of GCI Media’s “Celebrating Mastery” event in Seattle. GCI Media is just one more avenue toward our coming to a recognition of our common humanity, that we are all one, mutually inhabitating this fragile ball of magic we call earth.”

— -- David Albert, Board Chairman, Friendly Water for the World